Face Sheets Explained 

Scrolling through Instagram, it's practically difficult not to notice at least one of our much-loved celebrities sharing a selfie in a face sheet mask. Furthermore, there is a store in NYC called The Mask Bar that sells only sheet masks. They really are causing a buzz in the beauty world.

But come to think of it, what indeed are sheet masks?

What is a face sheet? 
As the name sounds, a sheet mask is simply a mask in a sheet form, worn on the face. It's made of fibre, cellulose and sometimes coconut pulp, with holes for your eyes and mouth.  When you take the mask out of the packaging, it usually drips because it's soaked in a liquid cocktail of active ingredients which makes it cool and wet. It goes on the face leaving the eyes and mouth exposed through the holes. They can be a bit tricky to handle at first, but once you have used once or twice, you soon get the hang of it.
Why would I use a face sheet ? 

Sheet masks work while making you feel relaxed.  You can wear it, get a glass of wine with beautiful music on, while the mask does its thing. It makes your quiet time even more worthwhile.

The sheet mask acts like a physical barrier that seals your skin with a bunch of beneficial ingredients. When Laura Dyer, a physician assistant at Dr Amy Wechsler Dermatology, was asked about sheet masks, she said, "The physical mask prevents the evaporation of beneficial ingredients."

In short, the sheet mask moisturises your skin in a short time but effectively because it gets the ingredients in your skin and never let them get out.

They are a hydrating beauty treatment that's convenient and efficient for everyday life.

What are sheet masks made of ?
Regardless of price, the first and primary component in any sheet mask is water.  When asked about the role of water in skin-care, CEO of Peach & Lily Alicia Yoon explained that "Many sheet masks use botanical extracts and other hydrophilic ingredients, and pair best with water. Moreover, having water in the formula can help with delivery to the skin." This shows that water acts as a carrier and complementary agent. She also added that water makes strong ingredients more palatable.

Following in the ingredients list are some substances with the suffix –ol such as dipropylene glycol and butylene glycol. You may think that you have been scammed because these are alcohols and the latter is known for stripping moisture from the skin.

But actually, not all alcohols share the same characteristics. There are some organic alcohols such as butylene glycol which are used as humectant and conditioners. In fact, according to Alicia Yoon, it is one of the gentlest glycols that secure moisture to the skin. Besides that, it's an excellent solution to minimise the stickiness and tackiness of the sheet mask formula. Moreover, it can play the role of a solvent in the formula and reduce the drying of the skin.

Dr Lancer also stated that there are other ingredients you will find as you go further in the list, like hyaluronic acid, peptides and stem cells, etc.

What does a sheet mask actually do? 
It can brighten, plump and illuminate your skin in no more than 20 minutes. Sheet masks are an effective form of beauty sleep. While using your sheet mask you will not only give your skin a ‘rest’, but it will also boost your current skincare routine with some active ingredients with brightening, hydrating and anti-aging effects.
They are a hydrating beauty treatment that's  convenient and efficient for everyday life. 


Many skin expert have confirmed that they are a good boost in the skincare routine and hold a lot of benefits.  Sheet masks are beneficial as they are simple, effective and moisturizing. Also, when the skin becomes dehydrated, its barrier gets compromised and become more vulnerable and prone to inflammation, breakouts and hyperpigmentation. Should that happen, sheet masks are going to restore moisture back into your skin.
How do I know which one to pick?

We have gone through the problem for you! Having tested all the products, we have carefully curated the right ones for you — to moisturise, firm, and anti-age mature skin. All you have to do is subscribe, and you'll get your package monthly.


The active ingredients used for your sheet masks will always meet your needs. If you desire hydration, you'll get sheet masks containing hyaluronic acid, and if it's brightening, Vitamin C and kojic acid will be included.


Just as the ingredients matter, the material matters as well. Lecler sheet masks which you cannot get anywhere else in the UK have been specially developed by medical experts who have extensive knowledge in developing beauty products. They have carefully selected ingredients which replenish the skin, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.


Victoria Beckham announced on Instagram that she uses a £72 sheet mask for flawless skin.


YOU  can get the same results with our premium face sheets.


How often should I use a face sheet ?

Michelle Yeoh, a Malaysian actress, doesn't waste a chance to put on a sheet mask; she includes it in her everyday routine. As for Lee, she takes advantage of traffic to put a sheet mask on and does up to six sheet masks in one flight.


But experts confirmed that wearing them just a few times a week is still highly effective.


Dr Joshua Zeichner, the director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research or the Department of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, confirmed that putting a sheet mask once in a week is a good start. Dr Lancer, one of Hollywood's most renowned dermatologists, noticed that celebrities tend to do two weeks of sheet masks 'cure' before an event. He also says that the Mask "Maximises the Treatment".

How long should you leave a face mask on for ? Can I overdo it?
At the back of the sheet mask package, you'll find directions of how long to put the mask on, which is generally 20 minutes.  Some people think that the longer it stays on, the better. But Christine Chang, co-founder of Glow Recipe, c advises to take it off before it starts to feel dry. She also added that it's not recommended to leave it on for more than 20 minutes and sleeping in it is a bad idea as it starts to absorb the moisture out of your skin when it dries.


You don't have to be a celebrity to have beautiful skin, you can purchase premium face sheets delivered  direct to your door each month 


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