Everything you need to know about  "Lovara" subscription boxes.

"If you are new to subscription boxes,  I want to answer all the questions you may have. I once got bitten badly by a scam subscription product, whereby I thought I was getting a free trial and then I started getting charged monthly for stupid amounts.  That was bad enough, but I then found it nearly impossible to cancel the order.  I ended up contacting my bank who stopped all further payments.

 So to alleviate any fears you may have, I have laid out as clearly as possible, exactly what a "Lovara " Subscription box is and how its far removed from the scam product I got involved with".

Lovara by Taylor-Shipley's  curated  Sheet Masks are so simple to use and make a wonderful addition to your pampering time. Just apply your mask and relax with a good book, a glass of wine, some candles, or meditation. However you choose to pamper yourself, a Sheet Mask makes beautiful skin a simple addition to your self-care routine. By ordering your subscription, you’ll never have to worry about not having a Sheet Mask at your fingertips.

My subscription boxes are targeted specifically at woman who are in their 50's 60's 70's and beyond, who want to preserve or repair the skin they are in.  After all, none of us really want to get old and wrinkly, but age is inevitable and comes upon us whether we like it or not, but we can  hold back those wrinkles by caring for our skin and we don’t have to pay expensive salon prices to get the results.


The boxes have different plans the "Glow Getter"  is  for 4 masks per month. . The  "Rising Star" subscription plan for 8 mask per month.  Or an "A lister" subscription for the really serious face sheet ladies, as you receive 8 Sheet Mask, 4 eye masks, and 2 hand masks.  This box is for those who know  applying a mask  is absolutely fundamental to their skin care routine and their fight against "Holding Back The Years".  


For all plans, the box you receive  is a selection of masks  from our range, these will all be targeted to anti-aging, hydrating, lifting, and firming, so whichever you choose you will experience a piece of heaven.  If you have chosen the K-Beauty range these boxes will change every month. But if you have chosen the Lecler sets, you will get the same products each month. However, you can customise and choose your favourite Lecler masks for subsequent months. 




When placing a subscription order, you are placing an order and you are signing up for a recurring monthly billing subscription. 


Subscriptions renew monthly on the anniversary of the sign up date . We are very busy during the month working hard creating the boxes for you so we can get them in the Mail on time. if you have questions that are not answered in our FA Q please contact us at info@lovara.co.uk


Customers are responsible for keeping the information on their account updated and ensuring the information is accurate prior to any payment processing or package shipping We will use the information on a customer's account at the time of shipping, and should a package be shipped to the incorrect address, it is the customers responsibility to locate their package . If you need assistance with your account, we can assist, just contact us at info@lovara.co.uk


We will send all  correspondence and shipping information to the email you provide on signing up, so, please make sure to check your spam and junk Mail folders. All communication is done by email so please make sure you are able to receive our emails. Should you use a private work or business email address our communications may be blocked or routed as spam. If so, you will not receive our emails and we have no way to contact you.

Lastly, please make sure you read our entire FA Q prior to placing an order, we have tried to provide you with as much clear detailed information as possible. If you have any questions, please do let us know . Thank you for all your support.


Managing your subscription

It's easy to manage your subscription at any time. When completing your first order you are purchasing your first box setting up your monthly subscription and creating your subscription account . Your account contains all your order information with options such as editing your address cancelling your subscription skip a month or shipment or switch your subscription options between the boxes being offered. if you have trouble editing your account please contact us directly 


Skipping a month

If you would like to skip a month for whatever reason, instead of cancelling your entire subscription we offer you the chance to skip a shipment. This keeps you as an active subscriber but allows you to skip a box and then renew . When is skipping a shipment we would not take a payment on the chosen month you skipped , you will continue being billed on the next month. If you do skip a shipment, please mark your calendar to remind yourself of the next upcoming renewal on the 1st, you would need to have activated your account by the 28th of the previous month to ensure your subscription renews on the 1st. Please be advised that we offer this only three times. Once you skip the third time in a row your subscription will be cancelled, and you will have to re-subscribe.

Changing a renewal date 

Please contact us if you would like to change your renewal date. 


One time box or gift subscription

If you want to give to someone else (or even gift yourself)f with a onetime box you could use the one time box or gift purchase option. When purchasing a gift one time box, or subscription. make sure to include the recipient’s name and shipping address for the order if you would like us to ship it to them.  We will also put in a special message in the  box  if you would like us to.




Subscriptions recur monthly so you will be charged for your first box when you first order your subscription box and again on the same day the following month until you decide to cancel When a subscription is set to renew, our payment system automatically rebills and charges the customer to extend the subscription for another term . If the charge was not successful, the subscription is put into pending status to indicate there was an issue. We send failed renewal notifications to customers after each failed renewal attempt so the customer can take action to resolve the issue. If the transaction has not gone through successfully after five days  the subscription will be marked as expired and no additional attempts to charge the customer will be made. We continue to retry the charge up to five times over 5 days. If a renewal payment is successful your box will be  posted within 3 - 5 days as scheduled. If the last payment attempt is unsuccessful, it will put your account into an expired cancelled or deactivated status, but you can always reactivate it when you are able . Once it has been reactivated the status should then update the reflective active status. 


What if I need to cancel?

We are sad to see you go and hope you will join us again here at Lovara . To cancel simply log into your account. Subscriptions must be cancelled by the customer. If you are experiencing problems trying to cancel your subscription, please let us know. We can assist you with the process. Please cancel in advance of your shipment date. If you do not wish to continue your subscriptions, you must edit your account prior to the renewal being processed. If a subscription is cancelled after the renewal payment has processed, you will continue to receive any un-shipped boxes you've already paid for, but you will no longer be re billed for any further boxes . Basically, cancelling your subscription will not cancel your current order that is pending shipment it only cancels the re-occurring billing process.  If you have problems cancelling your subscriptions, please contact us. We can assist you with the process, but we do not cancel subscriptions for you due to security reasons . Additionally, we do not edit credit cards and could only assist you with the process. It is extremely important to make sure and cancel your subscription before the renewal date if you do not want to continue with your subscription. Otherwise you will be billed again and you will receive the next month’s box. We are unable to refund paid subscriptions and we fulfil what has been paid for, but will not charge you beyond that


Can I reactivate my expired subscription

We are able to reactivate your subscription please contact us at info@lovara.co.uk  





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