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Each box contains cruelty-free and carefully sourced products thoroughly tested by our experts to ensure top quality. Subscribe to any of our packages to get monthly or bi-monthly replenishment to your anti-ageing regimen.
Lecler N3 Starter Pack
£22.75 + pp

  It is scientifically proven that with Lecler sheet masks, your skin absorbs ten times more nutrients than it would with a regular mask.

The starter pack contains 3 Lecler sheets (1 anti-ageing mask, 1 hydrating mask, and 1 express-refresh mask.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid and an antioxidant peptide complex, our silk and cotton Lecler face masks hydrate and moisturise all layers of your skin.

         Lecler N4 Pack 
       £23.99 + pp

This pack contains 4 Lecler face sheets so you can use one weekly.

Intense hydration mask for deep moisturising, formulated to refresh skin after exposure to dry, air-conditioned or heated spaces, or heavy UV.

Lecler anti-ageing mask for increased skin elasticity and firmness, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, thus slowing down ageing.

Express-Refresh masks for an instantly revitalising boost before your special occasions. Formulated to rehydrate and prepare your skin for makeup.

Lecler N8 Pack 
£47.99 + pp  

With the Lecler N8 Pack, you get 8 face sheets in a month! That is, you get to use TWO FACE SHEETS PER WEEK!

Your package contains anti-ageing masks, hydration masks, and express-refresh. It's up to you to choose the combination according to your needs.

This package helps you stay consistent so you can see the miraculous effects of Face Sheets.

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