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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Stay out of strong sunlight, covering up and applying a good amount of sunscreen.
Exposure to sun is the main external factor that induces what is known as photo- damaged skin. The latter condition is characterized by severe dryness and loss of elasticity, visible wrinkles, fragility and uneven skin tone.

The ultraviolet light can damage the skin by causing early wrinkles and in extreme cases; it can increase the risk of developing melanomas and other cancers.
Protecting the skin against harmful levels of UV should be included in everyone’s routine from young age, not just when the damage is done.

Avoid Smoking
As a result of smoking, the small blood vessels situated in the outermost layers of the skin narrows causing reduction in the blood flow, which then depletes the skin from oxygen and nutrients essential to its wellness. Moreover, collagen and elastin are also affected by smoking and the regular face expressions done while smoking can become wrinkles. 

Avoid excessive Alcohol -it is known for dehydrating effect on the skin and even the smallest quantities tend to affect the skin because it’s a diuretic. 

Protect against Cold and windy weather - it can also harm the skin if not protected. During this weather it’s important to take care of the skin by using lip balm to treat the cracking on the lips and a good barrier cream/moisturiser on any exposed skin.

Avoid Harsh Soaps
Throughout the day we tend to perform activities that strip the skin from its natural moisture (bathing, hand washing…). To recover the lost moisture, it is important to moisturize regularly using lotions, creams and oils after bathing and using only mild soap on the hands.
The fact that soap figures in our list may sound unsettling, but soaps are characterized with a high pH level. So naturally, they drain the natural proteins and lipids that are shielding the skin and leaving it vulnerable and subject to dehydration and inflammation. In the cosmetic field, it can be described as an alteration leading to a dry, cracked face with a dull appearance and aggravated fine lines. To avoid this issue, it is advised shower with a light pH-neutral non-soap cleanser to add moisture to your skin and not to eliminate it. In the current times of having to wash our hands regularly and put hand sanitizer on whilst out shopping, because of Covid 19, it is absolutely imperative that we replenish the moisture back into our hands on a regular basis.

Take Care with Your Make Up
While makeup is an excellent means to conceal age spots and imperfections, the use of too much of it, may give you the opposite of what you want and make those fine lines and wrinkles look more prominent, thus making you look older than you truly are. truly are. I used to love wearing foundation to cover up my imperfections, but these days I find a tinted Moisturiser is much better suited to my skin. I now find less is more and a minimalist look is the look I now go for.

Reduce Stress
If there’s one burden that thrives on our body more than all other ailments, it constant anxiety, worry or stress. It accelerates the ageing of your brain, rattles your sleeping habits and heightens your blood pressure. All these results add up to form one main consequence, which is an older look.

However, decreasing work-related stress is quite the difficult ask for most people. Fortunately, some simple lifestyle changes can help you lessen the stress by controlling your caffeine intake, avoiding processed food that inflict stress to your digestive system and attending yoga or meditation session to increase your self-control and soothe your mind

Rinsing our Face
Dr. Dendy Engelman, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City whose field of expertise is aesthetic medicine and Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgery, helps us better understand the complex facts of proper face washing. advises, that once we have cleansed our face, we should rinse for “as long as it takes to thoroughly remove makeup”, which takes approximately one or two minutes. According to her, to maximize your efforts, it is best to move in circular motions while you cleanse. She also stated that apart from makeup, other environmental factors such as pollution and bacteria can contribute to speeding the ageing process of the skin. She therefore emphasizes the importance of washing these impurities away. I use a Wipe Out Microfibre Cleaning Cloth which I was introduced to just a few short weeks ago and they are fantastic. They Remove even the toughest, long-wear and oil-based makeup, with just warm water.

They are soft and ideal for use on sensitive skin, eyes and lips, with no cleanser needed Unlike traditional cleansing wipes or face cloths, WipeOut microfibers swell up when wet, grabbing onto makeup particles WipeOut is re-useable 1000s of times and machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius. They are about £10 is you go to eBay or Amazon, but in some of my subscription boxes I pop in one for free to say thank you for being apart of my Lovara family.

Avoid these skin care ingredients.
Dr. Engelman does not recommend using Tricolsan, which according to her is an ingredient used for the purpose of reducing bacteria in products such as soaps and washes, and even some cookware and clothing. The doctor also added that this agent has been linked to skin cancer and thyroid issues.

Besides the Tricolsan, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate responsible for foaming in many soaps and washes should be avoided. Dr. Engelman said “"The level of concentration of this chemical is too irritating by cosmetic standards,”. According to her, the body is not capable of breaking down this chemical and, moreover, it can induce adverse health issues related to the nervous system and kidney and liver function.

Use the correct products
Doctor Bowe recommends using a cleanser labelled non-foaming and soap-free and washing twice a day. By doing so not only will you eliminate the dirt but also your skin will not be stripped from its natural oils and good bacteria. If your cleanser leaves your skin feeling tight and dry, it is probably too harsh and too aggressive on your skin barrier. I use a Neutrogena facial wash, it doesn’t leave your skin oily, and thoroughly cleanses my skin. Sometimes I use cleanser, but I do like to feel water on my face, all I need is a splash or spritz to satisfy my need! :-)

Don’t Skip cleansing
Some days when you feel tired, grabbing a makeup wipe seems like the perfect solution to clean your skin. Don’t be fooled, it only removes the exterior dirt and dust but does not in any way clean the skin.
If you are looking for a gentle way to remove makeup, you might want to try an oil-based cleansing balm. It breaks down even the most waterproof formulas by rubbing it gently with dry fingers and finishing off by adding water to emulsify and rinse. There are several on the market. I like one I buy from Marks and Spencer’s called Emma Hardie, Moringa Cleansing Balm.

Commit to a consistent skincare routine
After being familiarised with the basics of skincare, it’s time to step up your game and add items to your routine because it’s important for a healthy younger looking skin.
I was first introduced to Face Sheets 12 years ago when I worked in Bangladesh. But it is only just recently they have become my saviour and have been the sole reason my skin now looks
years younger than it did. It is also the reason why I decided to start up my own company selling subscription premium sheet masks. They truly have made a massive difference to my skin, it feels soft, hydrated and more supple than it has for many years. You can read my story if you are interested on my website at

Don’t Wait to moisturize
Applying moisturizers right after washing and while your face still damp; this will help for a better absorption and sealing in moisture. Same thing goes for serums and other treatments. It is hard for the active ingredients to sink into a completely dry skin and as a result you will be left with a greasy and tacky skin. This was a new revelation to me. Someone from a skin care manufacturer told this to me. I felt like I had been living in ignorance all my life!

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