Topless Woman

Increased Moisture

by Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 

Protected Skin Cell 

By Antioxidants

Reduce fine lines and increased skin elasticity 

by Peptides 

Your Youth calling

This Sunday morning, schedule an appointment with your youth — Lecler face masks moisturise your skin in the comfort of your home. Be it dry or sensitive; our silk & cotton masks enhance serum effects by up to 10 times.

Lecler Masks 

We are very excited to be the sole distributor of Lecler masks in the UK.
  •  Lecler Express-refresh instant effect sheet mask will prepare the skin for make-up and give it a healthy glow.

  • Anti aging. Stimulates collagen and elastin production to reduce signs of aging

  • Intense Hydration. Moisturises deep into the inner layers of the skin

The Lecler masks comes in monthly subscriptions of 

                               Starter Box  3 Box £21.90 + pp

                               N4  box £25.40 + pp 

                               N8  box £48.50 + pp 

  After the first box you can choose to receive a selection across the range or you can customise your box to receive ones you fall in love with. 

The ultimate in face sheets 


These mask are Exceptionally thin, easy to wear and backed by science. 

They are backed by  number of clinical trials to develop science-backed beauty essentials. 


For dehydrated, dry, rough skin.

Replenishes skin’s moisture levels, particularly after exposure to dry, 

air-conditioned or heated spaces or after long periods of sun


Following an eight-week course, Lecler Intense Hydration proved to

increase skin hydration by 41%, and retain 31% more hydration even

two weeks after discontinued use. Skin roughness reduced by 67% 

and skin brightness increased by 65%


For ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Prevents skin ageing by increasing elasticity, firmness, reducing fine lines and wrinkling.


Following an eight-week course, Lecler Anti-Ageing increased skin firmness by 55% and elasticity by 19%. Crow’s feet wrinkling was reduced by 3%, and skin remained 12.5% more elastic even two weeks after discontinuing use



For an instantly revitalising boost before your special occasions.

Provides an instant boost to skin hydration, resulting in a beautiful touch to your evening’s look on that special occasion. immediately after application, Lecler Express-Refresh increased skin hydration by 113% and elasticity by 2%. Crow’s feet wrinkling was reduced by 3%.

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