Frequently asked questions

What is Lovara Box?

This is a subscription box that gets delivered to your door each month or bi-monthly. It includes a selection of Lecler Face sheets depending on your plan or choice of gift

How Does it work

After sign up you will receive a selection of products depending on the Box you have signed up for. If you have purchased a one off gift, it is just that - a one off. However if you have purchased a subscription you will receive a selection of face sheets either monthly or bi-monthly.

Whats inside the box

Depending on the level of subscript you will receive premium products each month.

Are the any hidden cost

The price of each plan is always clearly stated on our sales page. It also clearly shows the shipping amount which will be added extra, except for the yearly subscription this is inclusive of shipping.

How does Payments work

Subscriptions recur monthly so you will be charged for your first box when you first order your subscription box then then subsequent months on the 1st of the month until you decide to cancel When a subscription is set to renew, our payment system automatically rebills and charges the customer which extends the subscription for another term . If the charge was not successful, the subscription is put into pending status to indicate there was an issue. We send failed renewal notifications to customers after each failed renewal attempt so the customer can take action to resolve the issue. If the transaction has not gone through successfully after five days the subscription will be marked as expired and no additional attempts to charge the customer will be made. We continue to retry the charge up to five times over 5 days. If a renewal payment is successful your box will be posted within 3 - 5 days as scheduled. If the last payment attempt is unsuccessful, it will put your account into an expired cancelled or deactivated status, but you can always reactivate it when you are able . Once it has been reactivated the status should then update the reflective active status.

When and how we do ship

We ship 3 - 5 working days after your purchase. This gives us time to lovingly and carefully prepare your box. We usually ship by Royal Mail or Hermes. Once you make your purchase you will be sent a confirmation emial, and as soon as your parcel ships we will send you a tracking number.

How can I cancel my subscription

We would be sorry to see you go, but here are the instrucitons to say our goodbyes! Click on Manage button once inside the customer portal Click on Suscription settings on the bottom right corner of the screen Click on Cancel My subscription and click Confirm.

How do i reveive my refund

Please see our Refund Policy. Your refund will be processed within 7 days of receiving the products back to our offices in perfect condition.

Can I sign up and gift it to someone else

Yes. You will need to gift the subscription to someone else during the checkout. You do this by toggling the "This is a gift toggle" on the checkout You will then be able to configure your gift. You can chose when you want the subscription to start and how many shipments.

How Do I Skip/Pause my subscription

In order to skip a payment or to prolong it for a month or 2, you will need to folow 2 steps, which will utlimatley lead you to the page where you can opt for pausing your subscirption. Click on Manage button once inside their customer portal. Click on subscription settings You will now be on the cancel/pause subscription page. You will be asked whether you want to skip 1 or 2 payments.

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