Lovara is a subscription and gift box business based in Nottinghamshire, UK. We offer premium Face Sheet masks for every woman.  


Knowing fully well the effects of ageing, we want every woman  to feel beautiful and youthful throughout their lives.

If you're suffering from dry, dull, lined, dehydrated skin, we can help you.

Our gift to you is to make you the one that shines in a crowd with her natural beauty and feel energised looking in the mirror.


My moment of horror!  

After 8 weeks

After 12 weeks 

Not so long ago, I looked in the mirror and what I saw was a shocker. There, a wrinkled woman, seemingly 70, was staring back at me. But how could I look 70 (yes, I'm racing on to 70) but  in my body and mind I felt like 40?

I was so stunned I had to take the first picture above. There I made up my mind to find the best anti-ageing products to repair my wrinkled skin and acquire the look my mind feels.

And you can see my anti-ageing journey from the pictures above. No, there's absolutely no filter. Those pictures are the raw me, with weeks in between!

Although it was a personal journey at the beginning, I desired to make every woman enjoy the beauty of youthfulness such as I've enjoyed.

My fine lines are now fainter, my skin more elastic, and overall complexion much younger.

I'm much happier now when I look in the mirror, and you could be too. It all starts with a single click.

We all want our skin to appear youthful because what we see in the mirror affects our confidence and overall self-esteem. But our daily routine makes it difficult for us to pay enough attention to our skin.

Realising how much I've neglected my skin when I looked in the mirror that fateful day, I started using day and night cream but hardly noticed any change.

Luckily, I came across an article on Sheet Face Masks and remembered my experience in Bangladesh. The air pollution there was dreadful and drained the life out of my skin. A friend later gave me a Sheet Face Mask, and moments after, I could feel my skin absorbing the serum; getting revitalised once again.

It was then I resolved to look for the Sheet Face Masks made specifically for mature skin; products that could moisturise, hydrate, and brighten my ageing skin.

To get these products was initially difficult, and my usage inconsistency undermined their effect. For more consistency, I opted for a subscription plan where the products were brought to my doorstep monthly.

I based my business on this same subscription box model because it helps you stay consistent.

  • No forgetting to replenish

  • No traipsing around shops to find  masks suitable for your skin 

  • Receiving tried and tested products each month

  • Opportunity to try new and exciting products. 

  • No commitment, just cancel any time. 


Just like fitness training, Sheet Face Masks don't work miracles overnight. You have to stay consistent to enjoy their miraculous effect.

"Every woman who desires to be beautiful can be beautiful, and the power to do that is in her hands."

Chizu Saeki, revolutionary Japanese beautician. 


At Lovara, we offer luxury face sheet masks at affordable prices to women who want to radiate with youthfulness.

Our subscription box offers you a doorstep delivery monthly, so you suffer no stress searching from store to store. We offer products not seen in most street stores. And understanding the issues with menopause, we package your box with products specially curated for you.



Our vision is to help every woman look youthful as they desire without cosmetic surgery.



Our mission is to become an industry leader of face sheet masks in the UK., caring for our women and restoring their skin, confidence, and self-esteem. 


If you're not satisfied with your purchase, kindly contact our customer care for a return and refund. See our Returns Policy for further information.


We aim to build the Lovara Family, an online community where we can share information about new products, and you can get involved by sharing your experience.


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