Lovara is a subscription and gift box business, which offers premium  Face Sheet masks, especially for  woman in their 50's 60's 70's and beyond.

If you suffer from dry, dull, lined, dehydrated skin, we have you covered. 

 Lovara is based in the United Kingdom and we want every woman to feel beautiful.  Our gift to you is that you will  be the one that shines in a crowd with her natural beauty and feel inspired looking in the mirror.


This Is Me Now

5 months of using Face Sheets. 

My moment of horror!  

After 8 weeks

After 12 weeks 

The journey of “Lovara” started in  Nottinghamshire United Kingdom, with me sourcing  products specifically targeted at anti-aging, because that is where I found myself.  

One day, not so long ago I  looked in the mirror and saw a wrinkled old woman gazing back at me,

( I know I am racing up to 70, but in my heart I was still only 40 - so what had happened). I  was shocked to say the least. So, shocked  I took the first picture above. 


I  made  a promise to myself right there and then that I would try to repair my dull  wrinkled skin. At that time, my objective was purely personal, so I made it my quest to find the best products I could, at  affordable prices that would make a difference.  

The above photos are of me on my journey.  No make up no filters, no photoshop, just me in the raw. My skin is plumper, my wrinkles and lines are softer, and my skin appears healthier overall.  I’m much happier with what I see when I look in the mirror. I don’t see that wrinkled old woman anymore. I see me.  

Am I 40 ? - NO  I'm  going on 70.....but I like what I see. 

It was my  own journey to soften my lines and wrinkles,  that laid the foundation for my business.  I very quickly realized that not only could I help myself but other women who were faced with the same dilemma. Most  women want their skin to be plump and youthful because how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror, impacts on our self-confidence and our self-esteem. 


So what had gone wrong for me. Well we know we should look after our skin, but every day living gets in the way and before long, the damage is done, and our skin becomes dull, dehydrated and winkled, because it gets neglected.  This is definitely how I managed to get to that moment of reaslisation.


 I had been working from home a few months, then lockdown came because of Coronavirus and I had basically let my skin care routine 'go out the window'. I wasn't going anywhere or doing anything but working and sleeping, so it was easy to neglect my skin.  When I saw myself in the mirror I had a knee jerk reaction and began a routine of putting day and night cream on religiously, but  I hardly noticed any change. I even bought myself a Jade Roller, which whilst lovely and I would recommend them, wasn’t making a great deal of change either.



Just by shear luck, I read an article about Sheet Face Masks one day, and it was then I remembered my first experience with one.

I was working in Bangladesh and the air pollution there is beyond dreadful. It drains the life out of your skin. Fortunately, I had a friend who had a spare Sheet Face Mask and she gave it to me to try. Oh my days! I could literally feel my skin drinking in the moisture! My skin felt amazing after that one application, but of course it didn't last, for anything to work it has to be done consistently. 

However, it was the memory of that wonderful feeling that set me on my quest to find some Sheet Face Masks that would provide me with the healing process I needed. However, not just any face sheet would do.

I began searching for products made specifically for mature skin; products that could deliver moisture, hydration, and brightness to my aging and wrinkled skin.

You can go onto the high street and buy individual face sheets for £3 or £4, or you can pay up to £115 each. It just depends where you shop and how big your purse is.  My problem was not that I couldn’t find face sheets, but trying to find ones specifically for aging skin was more of a problem, then on top of that, I kept forgetting to replace them so I was not being consistent in my routine.  So,  I  based my business on  a Subscription model, which brings the products straight to the door.  

  • No forgetting to replenish

  • No traipsing around shops to find  masks suitable for your skin 

  • Receiving tried and tested products each month

  • Opportunity to try new and exciting products. 

  • No commitment, just cancel any time. 


However, like dieting or going to the gym, or using anti-aging face creams, Sheet Face Masks are not an over night fix and I don't want you to think they are. They are only miracle workers if you stay true to them and use them regularly. To be honest I would have done anything to reduce my lines and wrinkles,  ( well not surgery), so for me, it was a no brainer.  


My business  caters for every woman who wants her skin to remain plumped, hydrated, and youthful.  I understand their problems because the business was born out of my  own self-same problems. 


Lovara offer luxury face masks at affordable costs for the discerning woman who want to "love who they are" once more.


"Every woman who desires to be beautiful can be beautiful, and the power to do that is in her hands."

Chizu Saeki, revolutionary Japanese beautician. 





 Nowadays there are so many options when it comes to retail, we are often overwhelmed with the amount of choice when looking to make a purchase of some kind. Subscription boxes solve this problem. The items  in our boxes are specially curated to suit  your needs, as I truly understand the issues with Menopause and beyond, as far as skin is concerned, I have the T-shirt.  I bet you still feel 30 at heart, but the mirror tells a  different story, I know mine did.  


Now I am not wanting you to chase your  youth, but I do want  you to look the best you can.  All our products are tested by our team very carefully, and believe you me, we have kissed a few frogs, (not all Face Sheets are made equal).   Having a subscription box delivered each month saves time and stress by not having to conduct research or even think about it. All you have to do, is trust us to make decisions for you and continue receiving these products on a regular basis.  


Subscription box businesses are like personal shoppers. They are convenient and fun. 




Our goal is to stand out as the priority subscription box company for face sheet masks for ant-aging products. Lovara’s vision is that every woman will look youthful as they desire to be without cosmetic surgery.




Our mission is to become an industry leader of face sheet masks in the UK., caring for our women and restoring their skin, confidence, and self-esteem. 




We produce value as we trial all the face sheets, make sure they meet our standards, and bring you products you would not usually see in stores.  We give a  money back guarantee, so if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a full refund, as long as returns are unopened and in the same condition as they were received and in the original packaging. See our Returns policy for further information 



We encourage an online community of subscribers where we impart information about new products and anyone in the online community can become involved in sharing their experiences with the products.  We aim to be the “Lovara Family”.



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